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Finance can be a force for good

We have inherited a level of global prosperity greater than any time in human history, with the economies of the world generating wealth at a near unprecedented rate. Yet, this is unequally distributed across the world and these inequalities have been…

Trade policy can ensure inclusive prosperity in wake of COVID-19

Rare opportunity to rethink the trade regime Trade-restrictive measures imposed by G20 governments have reached historically high levels, a trend that has only increased with the pandemic. Worldwide, supply chains are also constricting, and some countries are promoting reshoring of production due to both…

The role of MSMEs and entrepreneurship in achieving the SDGs

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,1 adopted in 2015 by all nations (of the United Nations) is a powerful universal framework for action to end extreme poverty, fight inequality, foster peace and justice, and protect our planet. The Agenda’s 17 Sustainable Development…

The fleeting chance for a sustainable and just world

TEDxSainteAnnedeBellevue | September 2018

I welcome your interest in my and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s work. My work aims at raising awareness on the SDGs and the Means of Implementation to get there, including Financing for Development. So please feel free to use the material from this website as long as you make attribution to the source articles and link them to the original articles. Do let me know how you have used the material to amplify the message!